Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[Server Farm] Retiring Downy

Yesterday I finally retired Downy. I copied over all the files from the 2.25TB RAID5 array onto frisket's 6TB RAID5, and then shut the machine down. With the changes needed to the den, it was good timing. I was able to move frisket somewhere less conspicuous and downy will be put into "storage" ( probably into its box and then into a closet). I'm not getting rid of downy, just putting it away until my whole situation stabilizes.

Quite a few of the fans in the computers are starting to give out. First it was the exhaust fan in Squirrel. I'm not too surprised since Squirrel, Downy and Frisket are on constantly. Guess I'll have to buy new ones for them.

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